Sunday, February 21, 2010

A snore of a posting

Just wanted to check in after this fourth round of chemo. (Warning: if you're looking for something interesting to read, it aint here. Keep searching!)

I think this one was a little more fatiguing for me than previous times. I took a 4 hour nap yesterday! (Four?) I also have been sleeping late in the mornings (thanks to having cousin Jen here visiting, and Neil home on the weekend) and I've been going to bed early. My fingers and toes have felt very sensitive to cold and prickly, and in general, I feel like I'm in a bit of a daze. Kind of like how you feel when you are jet lagged. Like there is glue in my brain.

It's one of those times where you just feel like sitting on the couch and watching nordic skiing coverage on TV.

I like to think that I am super-human, impervious to the effects of chemo. I was secretly hoping when they showed me my blood counts that mine would be off the charts, completely normal, like those of a 100% healthy adult. Of course, they were a little lower than that (of course they are, I'm doing chemo) but they were still considered good. And yet, I found myself feeling a little disappointed, wishing they would read them, throw down the charts, turn to me and say, "You're not going to BELIEVE THIS, but these blood counts are INCREDIBLE! Are you SURE you've had chemo?"

Alas. I am human after all. And I feel tired. I think our big morning outing to the zoo really did me in. So, much to the delight of John Q. Reader, I shall now sign off.

ps- My first big scan, to see what progress I've made thus far, is next Tuesday. Cross your fingers!!!


  1. Sorry you're snoozey, Shel. I can imagine when you get your energy back over the next few days, you'll be headed straight to the PCC for a spelt-tofu-barley-blueberry-green tea sandwich. That a girl, vegan you...
    Keep it up; enjoy the down(time)if you can and peek out the window at that sunshine. Yummy sunshine. love you, wss

  2. Thinking of you, Shell. This haze shall pass, the glue will recede. So glad you have your cousin there to help with the babes. xoxo

  3. Thanks for posting amidst the haze Shel. I am still thinking of you every day and admiring your strength and POWER (even if you don't always feel it yourself). I will keep my fingers and toes crossed next week. In fact, I have special toe socks to wear for just this kind of occasion.

  4. I've never actually met you, but feel like I know you through the stories that my husband, Dave Hutchison, has shared with me. I felt like I needed to write to tell you just how inspiring you are to me! I did the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer last fall and was overwhelmed by the number of kick-ass survivors that I walked side by side with for 40 miles! I can tell from your blog that you are like those women I met. My favorite slogan from that weekend was..."Fight Like a Girl!" You WILL win this fight, Shelly. Keep on, keepin' on...we all are fighting along with you! -Shari