Friday, February 12, 2010

No use crying over spilt spelt

I've been reading this book about using nutrition to help fight cancer. (Argggh.. of COURSE I have-- I could probably benefit from alternating some of these more serious topics with a mindless People Magazine or In-Touch. But anyway.)

So, I'm starting to become fascinated with learning about the types of food you ingest and what they can do for your body--and what some foods can actually do to impede getting well again. I'm not saying that I GAVE MYSELF colon cancer (No, for that I blame my PARENTS) (TOTALLY KIDDING, MOM AND DAD!!! Seriously, that was a total joke. You guys rule. I love you. That was below the belt. Not funny), but I certainly could have been eating better all along.

And in fact, now that I'm doing chemo, which poisons the cancer but also kills a lot of good things in your body, it's really important for me to stay uber-healthy, so I can fight off nasty things, like new cancer. I can't let my immune system get too far behind the proverbial cancer 8-ball.

So just for today, I entered the world of BEING A VEGAN! Some of you may shake your head at my seemingly sudden or half-hearted change, but so far all day I've been eating fresh, raw, whole foods and drinking delicious organic juices I made in my juicer. I just had a beet/apple/kale/ginger/echinacea drink, and it made me feel all zingy!

I also took little Rhodes to the PCC (my neighborhood food co-op) and selected some preliminary items to start incorporating into my diet. I felt so weird looking at things like "spelt". (it's a grain.) I don't know how to cook spelt. But I know it's good for me. So I went over to the deli counter and found a pre-made tofu and spelt salad. I sampled it and it was DEE-freaking-LICIOUS. I bought a container of it. When I got home, Rhodes accidentally flung the container of spelt salad all over the floor. I was so sad. Alas--my days of ingesting spelt are far from finished. Stay tuned and I'll have a victorious spelt posting in the future, I assure you.

Anyway, I'm not saying I'm going to be a strict vegan from now on, but I'm definitely going to be paying attention to what I eat. Less red meat, less pork, less dairy... yadda yadda. Ok, I am even starting to annoy myself, so I'll end this one now.


  1. You'll never annoy us... keep writing :)

  2. Spelt rules! I eat "Dave's Spelt" bread and it's like a meal. Same goes for dairy - do without it! The baked tofu (teriyaki flavor) is awesomeness.

    But sometimes...I gotta have the tenderloin:-)