Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Avastan Eve

Kind of like Christmas Eve. Except tomorrow, which happens to be my 3rd chemo day, I will be getting the drug Avastan in addition to my regular chemo drugs. I wasn't able to get it before now because my body was still healing from my surgery. This is the drug that, if I understand correctly, blocks the bloodflow to tumors. NICE. We are fired up. Sounds strange to say that, "I'M FIRED UP TO GET MY CHEMO TOMORROW!" But, each time I go in, I'm only getting healthier and healthier.

For the record, today was a great day.


  1. AVASTAN EVE. Ah yes, sounds like AVATAR eve, but with different colored good guys fighting different colored bad guys...THE GOOD GUYS (i.e., the AVASTAN/AVATARS) WILL WIN (just like--shh--in the movie). AND live happily ever after, in the paradise that is [insert name of planet in Avatar], or that is Seattle, Washington.