Monday, July 23, 2012

Remember me?

I haven't blogged in AGES! I am sure it's been torturous for you. But here I am, back with a very quick update.

1- my scan in June was GOOD. All cancer spots have shrunk or are now invisible. I really just have one little lung node that's still showing as active, and it's small. My doc says I'll do another scan in Aug and there's a reasonable chance it will be GONE by then. Maybe then I can stop chemo? FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS, I HOPE SO. It's been 10+ months now. Osama Bin Chemo. Which leads us to,

2- Chemo has grown increasingly difficult for me the last 4 rounds. I can no longer eat or drink while on the junk. You'd think maybe that not eating for 3+ days is hard, but actually the prospect of putting anything in my mouth during those times is far worse. Pukefest 2012. I should make tank tops. On the plus side, I probably look great in a bathing suit now.

3- We bought a house! On Mercer Island. We close Wednesday. We move in late August.

4- We've been on the go-go-go. Every day seems quite jammed to me, and I'm just proud that I'm able keep up (more or less) and raise the kids and live happily. We've gone camping. Went to Tupper Lake, my favorite place in the world. I've also been lucky to have lots of friends visit me lately. In general, my life is wonderful, except for that cancer bit. OH THAT.

5-My awesome cousin, Emily, is participating in a walk to raise money for Alzheimers. That @*%! disease has also hit our family, and, like cancer, it must be stopped! If you'd like to help out, visit:

We appreciate it!

I promise to be in better touch moving forward.