Wednesday, February 2, 2011


You know what's annoying? Waiting for weeks before you can begin treatment for a GROWING CANCEROUS TUMOR while your insurance shuffles their papers. I have been sitting here patiently, awaiting approval for my Cyberknife treatment, all systems go... waiting... Come on, insurance. This isn't elective surgery. I'm not having veneers put on my teeth. I'm not fixing my "deviated septum". It's a little hard not to dwell on the fact that with every blessed day that passes, that tumor gets bigger and bigger, and who knows if it's sending little cancer bits out into my bloodstream to take hold somewhere else.

Fun stuff to think about! It's the kind of thing that makes you miss noticing the light when it turns green.

This whole cancer process. I swear. It tests you in every way imaginable. It forces you to become a master test taker. And just when you think there couldn't possibly be any more questions, they add an essay. In Mandarin.

After this crap is all over, I swear, I could test my way into the FBI. Or become a Navy Seal. I've always liked the water.

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