Friday, February 11, 2011

It's scheduled!

After going round and round, and after putting my doctor on the phone with the insurance doctor, insurance has DENIED coverage for the "scan" portion of the CyberKnife treatment, but is covering other parts of it. It's asinine, as it shows no understanding of the procedure itself. (You can't treat an area with radiation until you've first scanned it to see what's inside.) We aren't doing the scan for kicks, are we. And a two-month old scan of a rapidly-growing tumor isn't a current scan, is it. But alas, we are moving forward!

Here's my schedule:

Thurs, Feb. 17th- Fiducial placement procedure (aka planting gold seeds in my liver).
Tues, Feb. 22nd- CT Scan, which we'll just go ahead and pay for because like they say in the L'Oreal ads, "I'm worth it."
Week of Feb 28th- Let the 'Knifing begin! It should start and conclude by that week's end. It'll be a little early b-day present for me (March 6th) because I really like to pamper myself with the latest trends.

March 8-13 - off to Kauai.


  1. Shelly Good luck with the evil empire(insurance), my wife had her Liver treated 2 years ago on her after her last treatment she went shopping no side effects at all. After her last PET scan in Dec. her liver showed no sign of cancer.

  2. Shelly, may God and the Cyberknife be with you. I will remember you in my prayers.

  3. Shelly, so glad to hear that your treatment has been approved and you are moving on. I hear the beaches of Hawaii calling your name from here! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. ALL GOOD NEWS (including the hawaii part!) Here's to a clean bill of health for your birthday...and a promising new year ahead, Jules

  5. Shelly - so glad that you have something fun to look forward to after all the good stuff is finished :-) You stay in my prayers (I sit a few doors down from your dad).

  6. Hi Shelly! I talked to Erik's Dad about your insurance, and he is confident you will win in an appeal, and that the scan will eventually be paid for by them...not you!!! That is just apalling. I am cheering for your gold seeds today, as your liver gets sparkled and ready to be healed. :-) xoxo Rachel