Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Firefighter Song

I emailled this lil' anecdote to my family today, but it still cracks me up, so I thought I'd share it here, too:

Today in the car, Betty asked me out of the blue, "Mom, what's sex?"
I tried not to look shocked and stay calm, "Um, where did you hear that?"
B: "It's on the radio right now. The guy is singing, 'This sex is on Fire!' So, what's sex?"
Me: "Oh! oh yes, so he did. Actually, um, what he said is, 'This section's on fire.' So. That's what he said. Section."
B: "Section? What's a section? Why is it on fire?"
Me: "Umm. Yeah! That's a really great question! So, you know. Section! Like, this section of the house, it's on fire. That section over there, it's not on fire, but this section is. It's probably a firefighter singing, actually. Talking about his job. That's all."
A few minutes later, Betty said, "I want to hear The Firefighter Song again."



  1. I think it took me months to figure out the lyrics to the "firefighter" song. It's like when Secret Agent Man came out in the 60's(?) and my mom admitted she thought the song was called Secret Asian Man. I'm not kidding. We all had a good laugh over that one and Maggie would be mortified that I'm sharing this on your blog!

  2. oh my, i love little betty!! you have the cutest kiddos, full of life and lots of love.

  3. Nice save, Shelly! William can't really talk much yet so I am safe from such questions just now. What I should be worrying about is if he starts saying any of the words that occasionally slip out in heavy traffic.... Oops!

  4. My brother persuaded his 7-year-old that the guy from Marcy Playground was actually smelling "Socks and Candy."

    Mama this surely is a dream...