Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Boiled chicken

Today I boiled a whole chicken for the first time EVER. Bought a nice organic one at PCC, threw it in the pot with celery, carrots, onions, garlic and a lot of water. It's almost done right now. We're having enchiladas tonight. I'm going to make up the recipe as I go.

Significance, you ask?

(Gosh, imagine if there WAS no significance to the above snoozer of an update. When that starts to happen with my posts, somebody make me yank this blog off the web, stat.)

The point is, I actually had the time and energy to plan ahead, make an effort, and do something new. To me, that steamy carcass represents life, post-chemo. (Wait! Not in the sense of me being akin to soggy bird remains.) Rather, in the sense that I am recapturing my life. Getting back in the driver seat. Grabbing motherhood by the proverbial cojones. Cooking for my family. Having the gumption to try different things. Embracing the fundamentals, even getting excited about them, and not wallowing in the drudgery of life's more mundane moments.

That steamy bird is practically clucking to the world on my behalf, "I'M BA-ACK."


  1. I'm impressed Shelly! I can't imagine having the time, energy or patience to attempt such a super homecooked meal with two toddlers. I'm so happy for you.

  2. I'm impressed...I won't even attempt to make a real home cooked meal on the weekends and I don't even have kiddos to keep me from it. Inspiring as always Shelly!

  3. got goosebumps, oddly, reading this--which is a little strange, given that chickens also get goosebumps sometimes, don't they? but anyways, i have never boiled a whole chicken before, and am glad to have you light my way, so to speak, as always. and yes, what glory--the desire to try something new. thanks for continuing to show the way...jules

  4. You are amazing, Shelly. Thank you for posting your boiled chicken!

  5. Shelly - I'm a little late in catching up on your blog, but this post is awesome! A toast to you and your boiled chicken.