Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We here at "Team Shelly" are a bunch of ACHIEVERS!

The 5-person "Team Shelly" of Seattle recently completed a swim race (see my previous post titled "Swim Across America"). Over 150 people competed, and Team Shelly members finished FIRST AND SECOND. And the other members also represented impressively.

Not to be outdone, our midwestern friends on the Columbus, Ohio -based "Team Shelly" just completed a 5k run. And guess who finished first place in that? A TEAM SHELLY RUNNER, THAT'S WHO.

The lesson here is: Be on our team! We are winners!

(Cue the theme song to "Against All Odds") (Actually, that song has nothing to do with beating the odds, but the title of the film does.) (For the record, I've never seen that film. Nor do I wish to.)

p.s.: A huge thank you to anyone who contributed to either of the aforementioned races. Both raised money for cancer research, which we here at Team Shelly feel is a pretty freaking terrific cause. I'm proud to say that the Seattle Team Shelly raised over $6500! BULLY FOR US.


  1. wow, superstars across the board. top finish in running, swimming, recovering from cancer--first and second spots in all areas...i feel like i've been SLACKING! you all put me to shame! :) Shelly, with your example and indomitable spirit, we are ALL winners (yes, folks, she said it!) hip hip hooray!

  2. Jules, you are creating a new life as we speak. Nice work! That makes you a "winner" AND an "achiever" in my book. A+.