Thursday, January 21, 2010

Will I lose my hair? The hourglass is almost empty...

Some chemos make you lose your hair. It's a given.

With others, nope.

But will I? My chemo is called "Folfox". My doc says I can expect to lose my hair. But all the very knowledgeable chemo nurses seem to think I won't. That it will just thin out. Which I can handle, because as Grandma Yark always told me as a child, "Honestly, Shelly, you have enough hair for three people." So I can deal with a few holes here and there... and just think of the money I'll save on shampoo.

Thing is, IF I will lose my hair, it's supposed to happen around 19-21 days after my first chemo. Which puts me at early next week! By Wednesday, at the latest, I'll know if my fate is to be a cue ball or to remain a flaxen-haired goddess.

I just want to add at this point, that my wonderful cousin, Jen Yark Beaudoin, whom resembles me in many strange ways, including the fact that we more or less have the exact same hair, has offered to CUT OFF 10 INCHES OF HER HAIR AT A MOMENT'S NOTICE NEXT WEEK AND SEND IT TO SEATTLE SO I CAN HAVE A WIG CONSTRUCTED FROM OUR REAL HAIR.

Now THAT'S love.

Keep posted and I'll let you know if it starts falling off in clumps.

If so, please send alcohol and chocolate, preferably Cadbury Mini-Eggs.


  1. You will always be a flaxen haired goddess, and you know it.

    I know we were never close, but my thoughts are with you always.

  2. I am SO buying you a fedora! You will be sexy and rico-suave and femme-y lesbians will in all likelihood totally hit on you, with little to no disregard for the rock on your fourth finger. Yay!

  3. In case you couldn't figure it out, "Lummi Island = heaven" is me, Andreea! Love you!

  4. (Do you remember what song I said always makes me think of you?!) Well, Sister Golden Hair, you don't need those curls to kick some ass.
    You are in my thoughts more than you know. And do you know how I have held you in my mind across all these years? I have often remembered all the times I looked up to you as a teammate and thought, "Oh, THAT's how I can be a better person."

    I am willing you well with all my might.
    Love to you and your family, Karen

  5. Shelly, I'm so excited to know that you still love Mini Eggs! I have such clear memories of scarfing them down with you in our youth. I also recall our stops at Frisch's on the way home from SUA for our ritual lemonade and fries. Wow, we sound like we were really healthy teenagers, don't we? At least you were a championship swimmer. I was a sometimes cross-country runner. Does that help?

    You clearly have your spirits up. I'm so THRILLED to know it. You're in my heart.

    Love, Jen(ny)

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  7. Shelly, you'll just look even more badass then ever....and far bettr than Berkowitz did (on purpose) back in the day. Might be a perfect reason for you to suit up again, eh?

    Stay strong, I'm thinking 'bout you and Neil.

  8. Shelly,
    You will be gorgeous either way, but let's hope those nurses are right. Don't they usually know more than the doctors about that kind of stuff anyway...? Still sending thoughts of strength.

  9. You are so awesome and I am delighted to be privy to your incredible writing talent in a format beyond retail land. You ARE such a badass on top of all of it!

  10. Shelly,
    If you do lose your hair and want to try out being a gorgeous brunette, I'll give you all of my hair to make a wig. I'm serious too!

  11. Bald...wait, is bald a problem?