Thursday, January 28, 2010


Just wanted to report that it's Thursday, and my hair is alive and well (in other words, still firmly attached). YEEHAW.

In fact, there's TOO MUCH OF IT. I was supposed to get it cut and highlighted in late November, but. Alas. Now I look like Robert Plant, circa '73.

And that's just fine with me.


  1. Robert Plant is SEXY and so are you!

  2. I had a Robert Plant once when I lived in the south of Spain.
    It got pretty big - fortunately it required little water to thrive.
    Then one day it changed its name to Bobby, started drinking a lot
    and the next thing I knew it was know as Bob Plant in the circles in which it traveled. I was terribly confused by all this - not to mention the coming of cyclical bad hair days - but I learned a great deal from that experience that is still with me today.
    ......... And that all I have to say about that...

  3. Yeah!!! So happy to hear it. And I have to share, a friend came over a few weeks ago and said "I brought a few videos we might watch..." They were all old Led Zep shows, and I STILL can't decide if the evening was torture or bliss. What i DO know is that Robert Plant's hair clearly looked best circa '73. So that's awesome!!

    If any of your hair does fall out, I would love to tape it to my head. I have less hair naturally than what comes out of Robert Plant's hairbrush on any given day. ;-)

    you rule,

  4. Too bad...missing out on one hell of a good look :)

  5. I'm the idiot in the room who doesn't know who Robert Plant is. After this, I'll google him all up and find out how stupid I am. Until then, I must say, my mis-read of "plant" had me thinking, Chia-pet. That seems on-topic, too.
    Off to Google-landia. Wish me luck.
    Love you, Lioness.

  6. It's definitive: I'm a pop-culture moron. Here's where I went: the official website of the legend, himself. Take a peek at the most recent letter to "Mr. Plant"