Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I just need to get some things off my chest.

I cannot possibly keep up with thanking all of you for being so supportive and kind and helpful and generous to me and my family. My attitude is one of pure gratitude. It's Gr-Attitude. It's no Baditude.

Honestly. I am the type of person whom feels it's very important to acknowledge kindnesses. I am a thank-you-note-sender. I am kind of a thank-you-note-snob, actually, just ask my sister. That's a different story. The point is, your inundation of kind actions is causing me to get so backed up in my acknowledgements that it's causing me some consternation. PLEASE KNOW that my pithy, two sentence email of thanks WOULD SO MUCH RATHER BE a cute, embossed note full of thoughtful reflection. I am sure that 90% of you could care less, but to me, that sort of thing is a big deal. And you can imagine how CRAPPY I feel when I wake up in the night and realize, "OH MY GOSH, AUNT SUSIE SENT ME A CRATE OF ORANGES THREE DAYS AGO AND I DID NOT EVEN LET HER KNOW THEY ARRIVED SAFELY, ALL NESTLED IN THEIR CARDBOARD SLEEVES!"

So please know: I LOVE your notes, your hand-knit scarves, your bracelets, your fruit, your cookies, your flowers, your jeans, your tee shirts, your stuffed animal intestines, your lotions and products, your ice cream, your Journey concert tee shirts, your banana bread, your books, your movies, your music, your chocolate, your freaking delicious meals, your playing cards, your tee shirts, your cleaning services, your notecards, your tea, your jammies that actually fit my daddy longlegs, your advice, your rustic cross, your wrought iron bird, your photography skills, your rides for my kids, your... your...

Most of all, I love YOU, and I am so grateful for having such nice people in my life.

I sound like I am accepting a Golden Globe.

If there is ANYTHING good about this experience, it's that I get to know that I am loved. That I have become friends with some truly remarkable people. Some folks might never really that find out 'til it's too late. Me, I get to have a "This is Your Life" -show every week. The circumstances STINK, but the end result is still pretty remarkable. Am I making anyone barf here? Do I sound like Pollyanna?

In the Shell of a nut: THANK YOU!

p.s.--Please let me know if I have your Tupperware. I swear I am not trying to "come out ahead" in this deal.


  1. Shelly,

    I am just AMAZED at your ATTITUDE!! I LOVE IT!!!! You're right though--this situation SUCKS, but you're choosing to fight this and to LIVE for everything you've got! See, being a Kenyon swimmer really pays off--fighting your ass off, even though it's grueling and excruciating at times!
    And I had to comment on how you said that you're amazed at how truly loved you feel right now--I love that!! This usually isn't "apparent" until someone's only THEN that so many people come forward with words of compassion and wonderful memories....but you are getting the sweet end of the deal and you are getting all of this NOW while you're fighting your ass off!!! :) That has GOT to feel pretty good to know that SO MANY people love you and care about you!!!
    Keep hanging in there!!! And keep sharing! I love reading your posts. It makes me feel like I'm actually listening to you speak this!
    keep fighting!!! :)

  2. Hey Shel, I am late to the game and haven't as of yet deserved any thanks, but wanted to let you know my thoughts and prayers are with your family. We haven't seen each other in a long while, but this blog is bringing good 'ol Shelly back into my life, and while it's under shitty circumstances, I thank you for that. You rock and will kick this thing's ass. So, know that Toby and I, along with a ton of other people, are strongly in your corner waiting for you to get your heavy weight championship belt.

    Jen (Travis)

  3. You are welcome...and you deserve it all. Keep riding the wave of kindness and come out on top...but yes, give the tupperware back. ;)
    Hope to see you soon. I will coordinate something with that lovely sister of yours.

  4. I'm with Toby/Jen - late to the party, grateful for your spirit. I have four friends dealing with cancer, radiation, and/or chemo right now - all super vibrant people with AMAZING energy and outlooks. Kari and I are wishing for you: strength, optimism and an ultimate victory for you; make the most of the journey (as you are doing) and kick this thing in it's ass!
    Big Hugs!