Friday, June 14, 2013


...and just like that, I'm back home, slowly de-yellowifying before my very (canary) eyes. 

They placed one stent in my liver's main bile duct, but it's not permanent, so guess what? I get to go back and do it again in 6 weeks. 

As I said before, there's a tiny tumor pushing against the bile duct, sort of pinching it shut, so stuff can't drain. If this new chemo doesn't shrink that tumor, we will have to radiate the sucker. Because we all need our bile ducts to be nice and open. 

Life, liberty, and free-flowin' bile ducts. 

Now I just have to rest up for a few days because they were really rooting around in there. Oww. No aerobics classes for me. And 5 days of antibiotics. And, chemo hopefully next Wed! (Did I just say "hopefully"?)


  1. Good luck with the de-yellowifying (nice word). Stay strong Shelly! Laura Brown

  2. Thanks for the post, Shell, and glad you're home. Never thought I'd say this, but I'm looking forward to your chemo on Wednesday, too. Eager for you to get that first one under your belt so the tumors don't know what genetically potent cocktail hit 'em. Enjoy your weekend and rest up, gal! XO, Mere

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