Thursday, December 20, 2012

PET scan tomorrow

Wow, that was fast. I have a PET and CT scan scheduled for tomorrow, Friday the 21st. It's funny how nebulous test results can rocket you to the front of the line in the scan department. ("Funny" of the non-hilarious sort.)

If my insurance hadn't been so stringent about denying me a PET scan for so long, they would have actually SAVED themselves money in the long run. Because now I'm repeating a CT scan that I just took three days ago. And if we learn something new, the expensive treatment I've been getting might not have happened. But that's another story.

Hopefully I'll receive my PET results tomorrow night. Then I can go into the holidays knowing what's really happening. As Neil said, "We can handle anything, so long as we know what we're dealing with."

Also, I am feeling happy and festive today, in spite of it all, for some reason. We had 7 kids over today and 3 moms. We decorated cookies and played. The house is full of Christmas cheer. We're doing all right.


  1. That Neil is a wise man!
    Anonymous- AKA JuJus

  2. We are with you Shelly! Thanks for keeping us with you through all the ups and downs. I don't think I could do that--I'm a solitary wallower--but I am infinitely thankful that you let us ride this beast with you, at least inasmuch as you can. Neil is indeed wise. I'm thankful for him too. Hugs to you both.

  3. Oh Shelly, you are one tough and inspiring lady. I'm sending good thoughts your way for tomorrow- enjoy the holidays with those sweet kiddos of yours!!! Miss you!

  4. I am so glad you will get answers soon--and hooray for your festive day with kids! I am rooting for all those spots to be dead and/or benign inflammation from the surgery. It has happened with Max, hopefully it's the case with you. Also, I continue to be in awe of your courage, perspective and eloquence.