Friday, August 31, 2012

The past 7 days

It's Friday. In the last week, we:
-packed up and moved out of Issaquah
-moved in to Mercer Island and unpacked
-sent a child to kindergarten (looooove her school)
-did acupuncture again (which seems to be helping mimimize my crappy symptoms)
-did chemo
-and today, we celebrate our 9th anniversary. (and to mark the occasion, we are taking me to Swedish Hospital to get some fluids! Not champagne, sadly.)

I love this island. We are really settling in and it's taking no time to feel like home. Everyone has been so warm and friendly to us. Our yard is full of flowers and trees--the kids go out and run and roam and play, and they are totally safe.

Betty's school has been a great surprise. Tons of parental involvement. Great teachers. Lots of enthusiasm. Loads of bonus programs. We hit the jackpot. She's in her second day, but she loves it. PHEW.

I feel like everything has fallen into place. I feel really lucky.


  1. Very inspiring, Shelly. Love this.
    Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Looks like I am way behind on posts! Catching up!