Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Focus, Shelly

In two days, we will leave Issaquah and move into our new home on Mercer Island. Today it occurred to me that I should start packing. So I did, although packing is incredibly tedious. It requires focus and follow-through, neither of which are technically my "strong points". So, mid-box, I took a brief foray to the mall to get the kids' hair cut. We had a nice lunch. Ran around. Now we're back. And look at me. I'm online. Laying in my bed, chomping on Bubble Yum, listening to The Smiths. Writing to you. HI! In some ways, my life hasn't changed much since I was 15. All this youthful radiance! It's blinding!

Betty begins kindergarten in one week. The day after that, I have chemo. I'll be more or less MIA for 3 days. Not exactly how I had envisioned ringing in my child's elementary school experience. Alas.

One other thing I want to share before I return to my backbreaking day. I saw an acupuncturist yesterday. She was referred to my by my friend, a fellow colon rockstar, so I knew visiting this woman would be worthwhile. She doesn't just stick needles in you, though, she's got all these strategies for healing. Big-picture stuff. Too much to go into at this moment (can't you see I'm BUSY, PEOPLE?!), but I think it's going to be really cool and interesting. I'll be sure to keep you in the loop, of course. I'm seeing her again on Tuesday night, and our hope is all this will help me get through the next round of chemo with less side effects.

I wish someone would come over and sit on my bed while I fill boxes. We could gossip, drink Coke and watch TV, too. If this sounds like your thing, call me. 555-DORK. We'll have a big ol' time.


  1. Congrats on the MOVE! Mercer Island is awesome! I have a feeling the ancient and big picture stuff of acupuncture will make a big difference for your treatments this weekend! So glad you were able to enjoy summer (mostly!) ending prayers and powerful vibes for you to kick cancer's ass and get it DONE.

  2. Missed the 's' on sending prayer. Must have been a slip in that I am always sending prayers to END CANCER!!

  3. can't wait to hear more about big picture, start of kindergarten, and cokes (can we go with COKE ZERO? All those empty cals--instead, bring on the chemicals! :))--thanks for these great updates. We love you-jules & the gang