Friday, October 14, 2011

Still no news...

...and I probably won't get any scan news over the weekend, so there you have it for now. I'm glad, in a way, because now I don't have to have a heart attack every time the phone rings. I have over-thought this a bit by now. Half of me thinks, if it were good news, he would have called by now. He wants to wait to give me the rotten news in person. The other half thinks, "Are you nuts, Shelly? It can only be improved news since last time. You've done 4 chemos!"

So. What can you do. Just keep on living in spite of it all.

In other news, I now am the proud wearer of a short, inverted bob. It was supercute on day #1 and looks like a crazy nest today---completely user error, not the cut. I will work on my skills.

My cousin and my mom arrive in town this weekend. Yay!

PS- I continue to receive photos from people every day (see the "Levity" post for more info on that), and they are getting cooler all the time, so I am going to re-open the submissions soon. Get fired up, people, this is like Christmas in October.


  1. You need to post a pic of your hair, Shells!!

  2. seriously, shel. user error and all. inquiring friends want to know.

  3. Still no news. Neil and I have been out of town since Monday. I'll find out tomorrow morning at chemo.