Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A smattering of thoughts now.

1- Neil and I have sold our house. We must move out by Oct 31. We haven't yet found a new house we love, so in the meantime, we will be staying with friends in Issaquah. This Saturday, our moving truck will pick up our big items. Then for two weeks, our house will be like a shell, with a few mattresses and chairs scattered about. It'll be like camping! Perhaps rather than blogging, I should get packin'.

2- All my life, I've had heaps of hair. Hair to spare. Grandma Yark used to say, repeatedly and rather famously, "YOU'VE GOT ENOUGH HAIR FOR THREE PEOPLE." For evidence (wince), view any photo of me from the 80s-90s. And now, this damned chemo has seriously thinned it out. I lose glops of hair every time I shower. I'm not balding, but I think I am going to require a new hairstyle. Shelly with limp hair: The apocolypse is near. But! Vanity is alive and well. I'm now accepting photo suggestions for a cute new 'do.

3- Steve Jobs. What to say that hasn't been said. Yet another aspect of this strikes me, too. It's utterly amazing how long he lived, YEARS, with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He shattered his grim life expectancy odds considerably. So I keep thinking of him, wondering what makes a person strong like that. What sparked him. What spurred him on. Where he found inspiration. I need to figure out what he had inside him and channel some of that. Not because I aspire to change the way the world communicates, but simply because I want to be here for the long haul. I've felt a bit discouraged lately, and I am sick of it.

4-I have a PET scan this Thursday morning to see how this chemo is working. My doc says I might even have the results by Thursday night. I'm nervous.

So there you have it. All the news that's fit to print on this rainy Tuesday night.


  1. thanks, shel, for all these updates. Yes, Steve Jobs--I've been researching him lately, too. Actually, you two seem to share some characteristics--a zest for life, creative genius, and an ability to be singularly focused. plus, you're seattle-ites. (what was the latest and greatest name you gave that city?) let me know what 'dos you're considering, and whether i can borrow some of the suggestions. Jules

  2. Wow. You have so much going on, Shelly. Re: your thinning hair: you're such a beauty you could pull off any hairstyle. I'm sure you still have piles more hair than most of us.

    I'll be thinking of you all day long on Thursday.


  3. I'm thinking of the brilliant Mr Jobs, too. In case you didn't see it, watch the 2005 commencement address he gave at Stanford. Astoundingly good advice.
    But now I am also thinking about more important things like your hair.
    how about a bob. check out the Best Haircut HairStyles Idea Blog for 2011 (WHO KNEW?????)

  4. I'm digging the hair talk. Wendy, bear in mind, I have CURLY hair. For me, those bobs, while adorable, would require both brush skills and effort, neither of which I have in spades. To be honest, I do not even own a brush.

  5. I, too, love the hair talk. I only wish I'd stop cutting my own hair and leave it to the professionals.

    Here are a couple ideas for you Shel:



    And just for laughs (but it's not really funny), this is about what my hair looks like now. Except not curly. And I don't have that hot-deadpan-heroin-chic-thing going. So, what it boils down to is that I have a mullet.... And I did it to myself.


    I'll be thinking about you (and your hair) tomorrow.


  6. Those are cute, Erin! I especially like the first one, although that's pretty short. I've never had hair that short. It'll be interesting to see how curly it gets when I take off all that length. And THIS JUST IN: I am getting the chop tomorrow. My awesome hair girl was able to fit me in. I'll be sure to post a photo or something, since I've now made such a big deal about it.

  7. PS-- Erin, wow, rocking the mullet! You definitely don't have the heroin pallor, nor the roots, I suspect, but I am SURE you look cute anyway.

  8. I say just book an appt with Katherine at Marco! She will fix you up! And then go ghosting

  9. I have no suggestions for your hair, Shelly (though I agree that short will allow you to continue to avoid the brush. My hair was probably shorter than any girl you knew in college, and did you ever see me with a brush? I think not.)
    Congrats on the house sale too. Sad to see you leaving the south end, I continue to hope that I'll run into you at the pizza place ... or the farmer's market ... or the ice cream shop ... you get the idea. Thinking good thoughts for tomorrow.