Monday, August 30, 2010

Testing, three four


More tests on the horizon for ol' Shelldogg. Not outta the woods yet.

Yes, the colonoscopy showed "all normal", but since the PET scan showed "something", they are now going to really dig in and see if they can find and identify that elusive "something".

SO! It's another fun colon procedure for me this Thursday. I will have a flexible sigmoidoscopy and a endoscopic ultrasound. In this procedure, they send out ultrasonic waves to try to find the problem area. If they find a problem area, they will take a biopsy. Then we'll know what it is. It could just be a garden variety infection. It could be a tumor (though that would be "unusual", given that the chemo has melted away all my other why would there be this one hold-out spot?).It could be something else.

In any case, I am nervous. Because once again, I have to wait for test results, and so much is at stake once you've been diagnosed with cancer. Any test like this makes you nervous. You try to remain positive, but your mind does tend to wander...

Pending the results of this, I may or may not have chemo on Friday.

p.s.- Today, Neil and I celebrate 7 years of wedded bliss.

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  1. Happy late anniversary! I had no idea or else I would have said something at the park...

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow- please let me know how it goes so I can watch the kids on Friday if you need chemo. I would love to watch them, but of course would rather you receive a clean bill of health instead! Either way, I can bring you dinner on Friday.