Monday, April 12, 2010


Here are some milestones for me in the next few weeks:

This Wednesday-- Mom arrives for a visit.

This Thursday--chemo #8

Next Wednesday, April 21--GO TO MAUI WITH MY HUSBAND AND NO KIDS. For real. OMG. Cannot wait. Also: my brother Scott's b-day. Send him a card/gift, he deserves it. He just spent 9 days here wrangling my children.

Next Sunday--Return. Mourn.

April 26th-- 3-year old daughter's first dentist appointment. Should be really smooth and easy to keep her in the chair.

April 27th-- My next big CT scan, to let us know how much cancer is left, if any! SEND ME GOOD VIBES!

April 29th--My husband's birthday, also the day we get the results of my scan. That HAS to bode well for us.

After that, we'll know how much longer I have to go through all this fun chemo stuff, and what other next steps might happen. I'll keep you posted, of course.


  1. Have a fantastic time in Maui Shelly! Let me know if you and Neil do anything really fantastic so BD and I can copy you...we're going mid-May and I can't wait :)

    As for Betty's first dentist visit, I think the dentist should slip her some laughing gas to smooth things over. I swear I had a cavity every time I went to the dentist as a kid and loved it b/c of the laughing gas. Too bad I hate it now.

  2. Wow, what a schedule! I will begin transmission of good vibes immediately, set on high through the end of the month. In the meantime, I will remain completely jealous about that whole Maui thing. Hugs to Neil and the little cuties.

  3. It seems like everyone is going to Maui- you are going to have a WONDERFUL time Shelly. I'm so happy for you and Neil- have fun!!!!