Thursday, April 8, 2010

Butler the Underdog

For those of you who don't pay attention to such things, the NCAA college basketball tournament just wrapped up this week. The small college, Butler, a #5 seed, made it all the way to the final game.

As the tournament went on, I have to say, I started to really pull for that team. "Hmmm. 'Butler', that's my name, too!"

Against the odds, they were beating their adversaries. "Hey... Just like I'M beating this disease."

It is totally hokey, but I started to think of their successes as mirroring my own. For a non-fan, I was cheering pretty damn hard for Butler in that final game. And they played awesomely. In the end, they lost to the big powerhouse, Duke, by just two measly points. But in my book, they won. And, thus, by my highly scientifically sound theory, so will I.

Hokier than the hokey pokey, I know. I know.


  1. As a Butler grad, not hokey at all -- and exactly how I feel! The team was amazing, and I cheered my head off watching each and every game. And I'll cheer my head off just as loud when you beat this thing! (Okay, so I'm hokey too!)

  2. Not hokey at all! I'm with ya. The reality is you got what it takes to beat this, just like Butler had what it took to get to that game and play like champs.

  3. I always root for the underdogs... and the Shel-Dogs. GO SHELLY!

  4. Heri and I were glued to the TV during that be honest, my victory in the PRYCE FAMILY POOL (first time ever!) was contingent on Duke winning, and yet in my heart of hearts, I wanted Butler to win. I *thought* I knew why at the time (always a fan of the underdog, you know...), but now I understand much better--it's the (shelly) BUTLER DARKHORSE! EMERGING VICTORIOUS! And yes, shel--I totally agree-they *did* win. And they knew it, too.

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