Monday, April 26, 2010

Big day manana

My big scan is tomorrow, to see how much of this crapola cancer has decided to stick around. And how much longer I'll get to take part in the experience of chemotherapy!

Good ol' chemo.

Inspiring chemo.

"Chemotherapy: Not quite aspirin!" (TM)

"Chemotherapy: It really deLIVERs" (R)

Perhaps one day I'll put it all down to music.
"Chemotherapy: The Musical"

or an epic novel.
"Chemotherapy: The story of a girl and her lung."

Lots of inspiration to be found there. Anyway, stay tuned for my test results. Get ready to party, because I know they're going to be GOOD.


  1. theyll be good, i know it!!! =) keep at it!!!

  2. i'll be thinking of you tomorrow!!!

  3. Good luck Shelly! BTW, I like the (TM) use ;0)

  4. chemo--never the same taste twice. (ick). SHEL--I AM READY TO PARTY (imagine awkward 'raising the roof' gesture from college). and my moves have not improved!!