Friday, September 6, 2013

Change of plans

I haven't posted in many weeks. I have had some major ups and downs during those times. Too much to re-tell, and so I'll just focus on the latest.

I spent this past Tues-Thurs in the hospital. I admitted myself because I was having completely awful, unmanageable pain, particularly at night.

While at the hospital, we developed for me a pain management plan (drugs) that I can follow for home use, from here on out.

Also, I had a CT scan. The results showed significant growth in my liver tumor. It's the first time any of my tumors have ever grown at a significant rate. In the past, they've just sort of sluggishly increased in size. So we know that the DTIC chemo isn't working, and we are stopping that. Because my doc feels 95% of my real problem stems from my liver, we are focusing on just the liver for now. I am going to receive "theresphere" radiation directly to my liver. It's cutting-edge and cool, and they tend to get good results from it. I'll be starting very soon, within the next two weeks.

We've really been through the ringer lately, and so now I'm going to focus on being home, getting back on track, and living life. School just started back up this week. (In fact, I barely got the kids off at school before collapsing in the car en route to the hospital with Neil. It was as if, once both kids were safely away in elementary school at last, my body finally held up the white flag, saying, "Ok, Shelly, your work here is done. Go get some help.")


  1. shel, so good to read your words and so glad you were able to take some space from the sacred work of raising your kids to care for yourself. I trust the new pain management regiment is helping--I really hope it is. And theresphere, even as a word, sounds like just the cosmic thing that your liver needs to get back on track.WE LOVE YOU and look forward to your improvement. onward! xxoxox

  2. Hi Shelly, I am in awe of your humor and grace, as always. I hope the pain plan works, and that the super cool treatment kicks ass. Love, love, love to you...

  3. Shelly, Thank you for the update. We are thinking of you so often. We send all our love and strength and deep admiration. We love your doctors for kicking this disease in the balls. Love, J&G

  4. Much love and hope and energy to you from all of us here in Ohio!

  5. Hi Shelly,
    Thanks for the update. I've been thinking and praying for you daily. I hope the new pain management plan works and you can focus on living life to its fullest like always. Your positivity is inspiring!
    Love and prayers,

  6. Dear Shelly, I hope your pain is under control with the new meds. I'm so sorry you have endured so much. To have the mental strength to feel such intense physical pain all the while put on a happy face to your sweet kids as they enthusiastically prepare for school shows your natural ability to mother even under the imaginable. You are such a strong figure in their lives even though your body is fighting to regain its normalcy. I looked up theresphere radiation and it sounds very powerful and I am filled with optimism that it will wreak havoc on your tumor. We send our daily love to you and Neil. xo, Sarah and Kevin Beazley

  7. So much love to you, Shelly. You're an amazing mama and an incredible person. I'm thinking of you all the time, as are Harry & Pat, who have all the priests and nuns of Northwest Ohio saying their prayers and dedicating their masses to you and your healing. All of us in Vermont are pulling, hoping, praying, and sending healing vibes out & up there for you. Really banking on this theresphere regimen to do a number on that damned tumor. xoxoxoxo