Friday, March 15, 2013

Results in

The genetic test shows I am not "wild", so I will not be getting that new chemo, Erbitux, the one that would cover me in a rash. I'm going to go back on Folfox. I can't believe it. (see my previous post about being the worst patient ever). We never really determined that Folfox definitively stopped working for me, since I was on reduced doses due to surgery. So now we'll try again, and scan me in a few months.

Off to chemo. See ya Sunday.


  1. I still say better to be a fox than buckwild.

  2. Aaaaarrrrggghhh! This must be so frustrating for you! I never did like roller coasters, or waiting. But you approach all this with such grace, Shelly. It's truly impressive. Meanwhile I'm losing my shit over here waiting for a biopsy of a probably-benign lump. You are my inspiration. I think of you often. xo

  3. Shelly, you are definitely wild. Just not in this way. So sorry you had this teaser and now you're heading back to Folfox. I'll be crossing everything hoping for no adverse reactions.

    Jenny from VT

  4. Gah!! I'm sorry, Shelly! I am thinking the Folfox will work at its regular dose, but I want it to kill the cancer and spare the rest of you. Max is back on Oxilliaplatin (sp?!) plus Avastin--a scan next month will tell us how it's working. He was off chemo for almost a year due to his ulcer--had to let it heal--but spots came back in this lungs and liver, arrgghh. Our whole fam, including the dogs and the lizard, send you massively huge thoughts of Cancer Be Gone!!!

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