Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Broken Wing

Ack! I broke my arm over the weekend. Yes. Yes. That happened. So.

Stupid ice skating crash, 0% of the fault being mine. If that counts for anything. So I am typing with one hand (INTOLERABLE), and this post shall be short. and full of typos.

Other things happening here this week: kids off school all week. i can't dress myself, open jars or doors, bathe normally, or... do much. but it turns out, i'm nonetheless using my gimpy arm as much as possible. also, i have an ulcer, which really sucks at times. Badly. Trust me on that one. my husband is sick with flu. got a friend recently diagnosed w/cancer. and--chemo tomorrow.

when it rains, it pours.

also, i have a scan next week.

looking at my recent track record, you could either say i'm doomed to get the suckiest results i've ever had,
i'm due for the best friggin news Swedish Hospital's PET/CT department has ever given a patient.

off to bed now, in my brand new king-sized bed.


  1. I vote for best news ever. You are so due.

  2. WHAT?!!!! you have got to be kidding me. Yes, so due. Not able to open jars? Kids home all week? You have got to be kidding me. Good thing you have the most interesting kiddos ever, so you can muse together about the nature of life. And I'm glad to hear you were ice skating, and AM glad it wasn't your fault, because otherwise your insurance might go up. Sheesh, shel. Good news, indeed. It's a comin'.

  3. I think you should sue the person who was at fault in the crash... and it's just got to be good news. We're very much thinking about you in OH.

  4. WTF Shel????
    (And what's with the crazy comments?)

    What day is your scan? I'm gonna be holding my breath and crossing my fingers/toes. You are due.


  5. You are so due for good news. The best news about your arm is that sport injuries are the coolest. You were playing hockey right?
    Thinking of you...