Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Second-best possible results"

Ok, the PET scan results are in.

I am "clean as a whistle" (celebrate!) **EXCEPT FOR** "that one spot on your liver" (oh shit!), which has continued to grow a bit from last time, indicating that it is in fact, tumor growth.

So yes, the cancer is again present in my liver.

****But here's why we can feel good about things.*****
1) This is not new tumor, it's the same old one that was there before. We thought it was knocked out, but a tiny indetectable bit in fact remained. So now, we will treat it. My doctor tells he can "definitely" get it. It's tiny. We can nuke it. He's not sure yet if I'll do radiation or "micro-waves" (what?), or chemo again (not as likely, as it's just one spot) or surgery. He'll know when he gets back into the office on Monday and can look at my films. My vote is for radiation, not knowing about micro-waves, not particularly liking chemo, and not really feeling up for more surgery. (i have enough narcotics, no need for more.)
2) What REALLY would have sucked is if new tumor growth had occurred, in new places, indicating that the cancer was still running amok in my body.
3) This is the very spot he has had his eye on from the start. He thought if it was going to come back, it'd be here. I feel good that this growth was at least predictable for him, and treatable.
4) I asked him if he felt freaked out for me, if this was something terrible. He told me that this was in fact the "second-best possible results" (the first-best being, of course, no cancer). He said he would have been worried if I had cancer growths all over my body. He again told me that aside from this spot, I was "clean as a whistle", and that made him feel very happy.

So, I'm feeling ok about this. I know I can win this round. I have no doubts. I'll find out my course of treatment early next week, and I'll do it. Probably ASAP.

We are merely finishing up the job we started before. We thought we were finished, but we weren't.


  1. We are SO with you Shelly.
    Shelly Power ACTIVATE!

  2. Grrrr.... we wanted "first-best-possible!" But as always, your voice is clear & brave & strong. SHelly-Power-Waves are emanating your way from around the globe. You are in my prayers, girlfriend! One more round. You got this.

    Love from Amy & Riley

    p.s. your doc sounds rad.

  3. Shelly, from my/our experience, small, single spots in the liver really are very easy to I'm VERY positive and think this is great news. It may even be the most easily treated AND it's isolated...just how we like our spots. I've been thinking of you along with my entire family. We talk and think about you every time we are together ... and love you dearly. xo, Amelia