Sunday, January 9, 2011

grey day

in case you ever wonder if i have a screw loose (hello Polly Positive!), i'll let you know that I am feeling a little glum about things today. how glum? glum enough not to care if i don't capitalize my sentences. i know i'll snap out of it, and that it's normal to feel scared and worried. it is just going to take me a few days to get my head back on straight. i recognize that this is some pretty heavy shit, and i know i'm doing great overall... but still. the mind does tend to wander.

feel free to bombard me with positive case studies and thoughts.

i'm glad my mom is here visiting, doing all my chores and just being a mom. and i'm glad it's the weekend, and neil is home to shake me by the shoulders and tell me I am going to live forever.


  1. you WILL beat this shelly! sending all my love and strength your way! hang in there, girlfriend!

  2. positive thoughts, positive thoughts, positive thoughts, continued for infinity. :-)

    xoxo, Teresa