Monday, November 22, 2010

The waiting game

My ultrasound is scheduled for Wednesday at 10am.

It's a funny thing, when you are receiving big news during Thanksgiving week. You link the two very directly.

If it's good news, YOU GIVE THANKS DOUBLY HARD. "To hear this now, of all weeks!"
If it's bad news, you sort of stew over the irony of it all. You probably feel a little extra sorry for yourself. "To hear this now, of all weeks!"

So, on Wednesday, I have to fast. On Thursday, I stuff my face. On Friday I will probably get really drunk. On Saturday I'll be sick. On Sunday I'll go to church. By Monday, I'll be locked up, and everyone will be unfriending me on Facebook.

I don't know what it means, either.

For the record, I'm doing fine. (At least I feel that way as I write this.) This could be just a scare. If it's not, they caught it early, right? Nothing a little chemo can't kill. We'll be back in business by mid-2011. Not to sound blase, but how else are you supposed to process this kind of thing?

And: I do have a ton to be thankful for. More than most people I know. I mean, my God, look at me a year ago! I was practically dead. Today I feel amazing: strong, peppy, alive! I swam a mile with Neil last night, and it felt really good to get back in the water. (even though I was getting passed by a woman whose suit had a molded shelf bra... ok, I'm out of shape.)

Today Seattle is covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. My brother is in town, my parents arrive on Thursday. It's going to be okay.


  1. Positive thoughts for Wednesday! You are SUPER SHELLY! :) xoxo

  2. I heard you call the office today and I was like, "WHAT?!?!?!?" Shel - it will be will be ya sista, Ang

  3. Mash potatoes and gravy Spaz, it's the miracle of baby steps. On Turkey Day follow Bob Wiley's lead and pile it high and deep and make sure you get some hand shucked corn. It will be okay. You have a ton of love, support and positive energy surrounding you. But if you should ever need anything or just want to watch WAB for the 528th time. I'm your Spaz.

  4. Shelly, we should go swimming together- I think there is a workout in Bellevue on Thanksgiving morning. I think they do like 4500 yards but I'm only up for doing 2000. Talk to Neil- it would be fun to see you guys!

  5. Hoping for great news after the scan, Shelly. Hang in there!!!

  6. Go Shelly Go! Don't start swimming too much yet. My gym here has a pool so I plan on practicing before I come to Seattle this year. I have my team Shelly swim cap so I am ready to go!