Wednesday, June 9, 2010

There's no place like home.

While back in Ohio, a series of gigantic storms raged through town one night. Like Dorothy before us, we had to retreat to the basement--twice!--at midnight and again at 3, in case one of the tornados decided to turn down our street. The thunder and lightening was intense, kind of exciting actually (for me, not the kids). The devastation was notable: a local high school destroyed, a fire station ruined, and tons and tons of homes obliterated. And all of it, just a stone's throw (well, if you throw like Ichiro Suzuki) from my parents' house. Also, 5 people died. Some down in their basement, just like us.

I was thinking about how strange it is, that you could start out the day like any other, then randomly be plucked from your basement and thrust into a stormy vortex. Death by tornado. No thanks! I remember thinking, "MAA-AN. After ALL I've been though, I'm sure as HECK not going to let a stupid tornado take me out." (and alongside it, imagine me doing that wavy-finger gesture that people do while they say, "OH NO YOU DI-INT!")

Needless to say: WE LIVED. Disaster averted. And for the record, it was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC to be home again.

Coming soon to a blog near you!: Shelly decides to write something uplifting.

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  1. I used to hope for tornado warnings when I lived in Kansas. And when Lawrence finally had a warning, I was home alone hiding in my bath tub, on the phone with Mo, freaking out, waiting for the roof of my apartment to blow off. I'm glad to be away from that, although the thunderstorms are much more exciting than the drizzle around here. Glad you were okay and hope you enjoyed dinner last was great to see you guys!