Monday, June 21, 2010

Really big scan tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 10:30 is my big PET scan. Hopefully it will yield the results of "all clear! cancer is gone!" I should get results by Thursday, but possibly sooner.

Til then, I am on a strict PET scan diet. This is just one more way the cancer gods STICK IT TO YA:

"24 Hours Prior to PET-CT scan
No sugars or carbohydrates, avoid the following items:
• Bread, pastry, cereal, pasta.
• Fruits, (no tomatoes),
• Desserts, muffins, crackers, candy, cookies, cakes, ice cream, yogurt, jams, jellies, honey
• Soft drinks, milk, soy milk, tonic water, juices, beer, alcoholic beverages.
• Starchy vegetables (rice, potatoes, corn, lima beans, soy beans, parsnips, peas)

You may eat:
• Meat, firm tofu: do not use sweet sauces and do not bread the meat
• Eggs, prepared without milk
• Cheese, butter, mayo, unsweetened peanut butter
• Non-starchy vegetables (Broccoli, asparagus, spinach, green beans, cauliflower)"

I have to run now, as it's 10:15, and I only have 15 more minutes to cram in the carbs and fruit and starches. This is serious business. What the H am I doing on my computer?!

Cross your fingers for me, please!


  1. Hey Shelly - I'm thinking about you and willing that PET scan to result in an "ALL CLEAR." Good luck. I'll go ahead and eat some plain firm tofu in your honor. - Libby

  2. All is crossed - we've got you covered in Europe for this scan! So many good wishes coming at you!!

  3. Ill be thinking about you today Shell Bell, GOOD LUCK!!

  4. Sending confident, positive thoughts your way: I know you'll get great news on Thursday. xoxo

  5. Okay, it's post scan. Eat a doughnut for me! Fingers crossed!

  6. Thought about you today Shelly. As always, with a smile.