Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Yesterday in Seattle, I caught two interesting perspectives about life, both tacked onto the backs of motor vehicles.

The first was found on the license plate of a Harley. It was the rider who initially caught my eye. He was a young-ish guy, early 40s?, all in black leather of course (chaps, even), but what really struck me was this guy's expression. We were sitting at a stoplight, and this guy was wearing the biggest shit-eating grin his leathery face could muster. He was lost in his thoughts, alone, no other cars around except me. He looked like he was having THE TIME OF HIS LIFE. There was clearly no other place he'd rather be than out on the open roads in the sunshine. (We were in a slightly rural area.) I still remember his face: big straight white teeth, tanned skin, high cheekbones, deep laugh lines around his mouth, Ray-Bans. I think I could pick him out of a police lineup, I remember it so well.

As he pulled away, leaving my sleek silver Subaru Impreza in his dust, I glimpsed his license plate. It read, "Lifrox". Life rocks. And for some reason, this dude's great passion for life suddenly yanked me out of my mid-day slump, and I, too, felt like, "HELL YEAH! LIFE ROCKS!" I wanted to catch up with him so I could look over at him and give him the thumbs-up sign, or some cooler, more-Harley version of the same sentiment. Unfortunately I'm not that cool.

I then did something rather dorky that I'll share only with you (because this is such a private and intimate forum), I blasted the radio and started belting out the lyrics to the song on radio (it happened to be "Santeria" by Sublime). I was practically screaming. Happily.

It's amazing how you have all that zest for life inside of you, and it could be released at any time, with the right stimulus. That your day could go from zero to 100 without warning. To go from bored to thrilled by the time the light turns green. Inspiration is everywhere. It For me, that day, it was a stranger on a Harley, happy to be doing his own thing.

I mentioned that I saw two life perspectives yesterday. The other one was plastered to the back of an old white pick-up. It read, "Ditch the bitch. Go hunting."


Hey, as long as you're happy.


  1. Oh God, Shelly, you crack me up! I've just worked 10 days straight in a row, 12 hours plus for a whole bunch of those and am so punchy it's crazy. I've had no sleep, but when I was finally released from work this pm went for a swim with my boys and have had a hard cider. I'm feeling the zest for life coming back. I remember coming home from deployment and being back in my kitchen making homemade soup with Daniel in the living room chilling out when Should of been a cowboy by Toby Keith came on the stero from the MP3 player. The song just made me so Joyful. I was full of the stuff. Tears streamed down my face, snot probably ran into the soup base, but just to be home, to be safe, to be cooking in my own kitchen was so amazing. Glad to know I'm not the only one. : )

  2. I am inspired again by you, my old (as in years that I have known you - not, you are soo old) friend! I am slightly embarrassed that I have not connected with you sooner. I did try both phone numbers for you that were disconnected, I guess it's been awhile. But I have been thinking of you so often and praying for you even more! Let's reconnect soon! Maybe in Toledo this summer.

    Have you guessed yet? It's me, your old (again refer to the meaning above) friend Michelle from SUA. I don't have your contact info, so contact me.

    My best, deepest happy moment this week was watching David (16) playing the bass, with the biggest smile on his face, in his band while sitting in the grass at a cool coffee shop as Frank and Joy danced. Amazing what God has in store for us! All my love to you!