Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Almost 2 weeks since I posted!

For some reason, since my last post, I've felt uninspired to write anything. I wonder why? I think the "C" topic has started to lose its luster for me. It's been 6 or so months since my diagnosis, and maybe that's how long it takes to exhaust the topic in one's mind. To talk it to death. Or, maybe I just feel like it might not have as strong a hold on me anymore (since I appear to be getting better!) (Cross fingers.)

Anyway, I will continue to write, but I expect I won't focus so heavily on that dreary "C" topic so much. "Hurray!", you must all be thinking, "This was becoming a real DRAG. This blog was the low point of my day! A vicarious cancer experience through Shelly! Who needs it?"

So: ONWARD AND UPWARD! Next posting will probably be called something like, "Spring Fever: The latest disease I've caught!", and I'll regale you all with stories of my newly planted veggies. And I'll throw one little cancer fact in there, just for good measure.

Stay tuned!

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