Saturday, November 2, 2013

Stivarga: the Fruit of Satan's Cauldron

I know I haven't written in a long time. Why? How long do you have? Things are complex.

Bottom line for now, though, is I've started a new chemo which I take in pill form daily. It's called Stivarga, and it is an ASS KICKER. I'm actually taking a break from it right now because after a week of it, the side effects were making aspects of my life intolerable. I'm exceptionally tired and take long naps each day, my feet are developing some sort of painful sores that is making it hard to stand/walk, and my digestion is massively screwed up. Until we can get a handle on some of these, I'm on a break.

I have a second and final Theresphere scheduled for next Friday, Nov 8th.

I just wrote a bunch more about how I feel these days, but I deleted it. Don't really feel like going into that right now.  In summary I'd say this hasn't been our finest hour, even though we are giving our all.


  1. Aargh!! Enough of these absurd side effects! I hope you're back up and at 'em after a few more days of rest, dear Shelly. Glad you have another Theresphere scheduled for next Friday. I'll be thinking of you then (and from now 'til then)! xoxo, J

  2. Shit. I'm sorry things have been so ridiculously tough. I wish I could shoulder your burden for a little while and lighten your load. I really do. For now, I'm thinking fiercely strong thoughts for you.

  3. Hi Shelly - Julia from SF here. How is it that you are still witty and coherent? I had trouble stringing 2 sentences together when I was on chemo. I'm very very very sad/angry/frustrated for you that your treatments have been so difficult. Please let me know if you want me to look into any of the trials going on at Stanford. I'm sending you all the good thoughts I can muster!

  4. Shelly, this stinks to hear! Colleen is going to cook up a yummy meal for you guys next week, wish I was there to contribute as well. Hang in there chica, you can beat this!!!

  5. I hope you're feeling better while taking the break from chemo and that Therasphere #2 works its magic. Thanks for the update, Shelly. Thinking of you, as always. xoxoxoxo, Moogs

  6. Thinking of you and sending you (and your feet) healing thoughts. Though you didn't want to go into it, we're happy to hear whatever you have to say. Here's to hoping that nasty cancer dislikes Stivarga as much as you do. Much love, Carla

  7. Hi Shelly, Thinking of you lots, hoping this break will allow you to feel much, much better. Sending love - Kate and fam

  8. Love to the Shell.
    Fuck to the C.
    "Stivarga" sounds
    like an STD.

    Power on, powerful pal!

    Much love, George & Chris & Chewie

  9. I'm executing a spectacular herkie to complement George's cheer. It looked a lot like this:

    Thinkin' about you, Shell.

  10. I hope that Stivarga doesn't make you think of VARDA...unless my competition name invokes raw strength and cancer-kickin' energy. Hugs. You are in my thoughts today. May your therasphere squish all the remaining cancer.
    -Katie Varda Schwab

  11. I am with you in spirit today, though I wish I were there in person too. Hope you get to enjoy some good Kenyon company this weekend. Sending you strength and love.

  12. Shelly, thinking of you today and sending lots of love to help the Theresphere do its stuff!