Friday, January 13, 2012

good scan

scan was very good. tumors down by 30%-50% from last scan, which was also good. we still have work to do, though.

chemo at the hospital was a disaster. we had to cut it short due to a crazy allergic reaction and i get to go back on Monday for more. now it seems like we're learning i'm not allergic to oxalliplatnin, but avastan. looking forward to getting it sorted out. i'm so over it that i don't even want to write about it anymore. maybe someday I will tell you about it. but not now.


  1. Great news Shelly! Thinking of you often. Hope you can get some rest:)

  2. Hang in there my friend,you are in my heart!

  3. Best 3 words I've heard in a long time: "Tumors are down."

    Your jab cross is working.

    Thinking of you tons. xoxo

  4. That is AWEOME news about the tumors shrinking - I'm so glad you still have FOLFOX in your arsenal as you put it. Sorry to hear about the Avastin though. I've been on an anti-inflammatories kick lately (almonds, blueberries, etc). I've read they can also reduce blood vessel growth around tumors. (Great cookbook by Rebecca Katz, The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen, has recipes and lists of tumor-fighting foods. She actually has some credentials too.) Hang in there (like we have a choice right?). Just keep reminding yourself how great you feel on the chemo off weeks. YOU'RE NOT ALONE.

  5. you are kicking serious ass. love you!

  6. So thrilled about the scan results, Shelly, but extremely bummed to hear about the allergic reaction. I'm sure they'll figure out an alternate drug plan for you. Just sorry you have had to to through this three times in a row. xoxo