Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stand Down*

I'm frustrated. "Swim Across America", the swim race in which I was all set to participate, will be taking place during my chemo treatment. As in, I'll be wired up with vials of chemo as the people are swimming. So I can't do it, after all.

The good news is, with or without me, Team Shelly has raised a more-than-respectable amount of money for cancer research. It goes directly to help with cancer prevention, and to find better treatments and cures. I'm so proud that our scrappy group has cobbled together this considerable amount from nothing. SO PROUD.

Someday, the advances they are making today WILL help save someone you love! MAYBE EVEN ME! Please consider supporting this cause. I will write you a very heartfelt thank you note, and you'll be part of something incredibly important. (Please copy and paste this link, because I can't figure out how to post a link in Blogger. Welcome to 1986, Shelly):

We're also very close to being the #1 team in terms of fundraising. Behind some big corporate hotshots. US! HA! TAKE THAT. GO TEAM SHELLY!

Thanks for considering!

* "Stand Down" is swimming-speak. When competitive swimmers are standing on the blocks, about to race, the starting judge will occasionally halt the proceedings and announce, "STAND DOWN". It means, "WAIT. Step back. We're going to redo this start."

I should write for Wikipedia.


  1. yes, redo this start, and maybe delay it, but not stop the race. The buzzer will go off and you'll be in the water very soon.

  2. I can write you a recommendation to the people at Wikipedia if you'd like. I know it's pretty hard to get on there but I can pull some strings.
    No joke though, I'm thinking of you and sorry to hear about that chemo-garbage. Also, really impressive to get a look into how you parent and deal with all of that at the same time. Can't imagine a better approach than what you describe in your other post today.