Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top it off

It took me about 48 hours to get my head around this, but I wanted to let you all know that I am back in the game. Got my head on straight again. Standing up. No longer lying in the soil.

It suddenly dawned on me this morning that, hell, there's only one way to think about this: Just keep on living. Just like I was before I heard the news. Enjoy this day. Go out. Play with kids. See friends. Why shouldn't I? None of us know how long we'll be on this earth. I can't predict the end game here. Chemo might work fabulously for me once again. So, nose to the grindstone, do it. But in the meantime, enjoy what you've got. Try not to let fear paralyze you, or spin you into a deep funk. It might ultimately be wasted energy. (If history teaches me anything, I could be in good shape again in less than a year.) Be strong. Let friends help you and love you. Love them right back. Appreciate everything, as much as you can. Have faith in the treatment plan that has been set up for you. Recognize your tremendous physical and mental strength as the gifts that they are. Be patient. Be brave. Be happy, even. Glass half-full. Glass 3/4 full.

Oh heck, let's go a little crazy here and fill that glass all the way.

Then let's try to stop using corny idioms altogether.


  1. I love your corny idioms, Shelly. Keep 'em coming. My dad is here with us in Vermont right now and we're all sending you heaps and heaps of love and healing energy.


  2. Beautiful lady, you WILL kick this thing's ugly ass once and for all. And in the meantime, you inspire us all with your wit, wisdom and honesty. Conquer!!

  3. Good for you, Shelly!! Keep those thoughts. The only way to get through is one day at a time... keep the positive attitude! We try to live that way too! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers! God bless you!

  4. you are amazing. Idioms and all.

  5. BRAVO, Shelly! And we have a lot of help to offer--please let us know how we can be of most help. I know there will be days and even weeks where you have no sense of which way is up--and yet, this too shall pass. It really well. Please let us know how we can be helpful, and we'll try to figure out ways in the meantime.

  6. "Enjoy this day. Go out. Play with kids. See friends... Let friends help you and love you. Love them right back. Appreciate everything, as much as you can." I'm posting these words in my office so I can look at them every day, they are words for ALL of us to live by.

    I'll see (& hug) your bro in Gambier in three weeks, can't wait.

    Much love from Boston,
    -M, J, B&C