Thursday, June 2, 2011

My life as a rich, older gentleman

Last Thursday, I had my planning CT scan for this week's CyberKnife. All went well, and I'm set to get my lung 'Knifed this Wednesday-Friday. It will only take an hour a day. Then, as the informative marketing video states, "(I) can go play a round of golf afterward!" (I get the impression most people dealing with this procedure are men of a certain age.)

The pneumothorax biz-nasty is a thing of the past. After my recent two week (+/-) stay, I know half the staff at that hospital. Truly. I walk down the halls and find myself high fiving, pointing, smiling, and stopping to field questions, like some wealthy old codger roaming the halls of his beloved country club at cocktail hour. I even introduced one O.R. nurse to a CyberKnife tech, and suggested they grab lunch in the hospital cafeteria sometime. (I think those two would hit it off.) It's weird, I know... but I guess you gotta make the most of your days, no matter where you spend them.

That being said, I'm doing fabulously now. In fact, last weekend was jam-packed: Friends, dinners out, yard work, pool time with kids, lap swimming, big stadium rawk concert, Mariner's game, birthday party-- all in two days! All I missed was some time out on the back 9, and I'd really have been living large.

All right. Gotta run. This french toast isn't going to cook itself. Sometimes kids can be so neat!


  1. This is brilliant, Shel. I can imagine you taking on a LARGER THAN LIFE spirit in the hospital--although we all would like to have you spend as little time there as possible :). that being said, how WAS the rawk concert? Still haven't found what I'm looking for?

  2. Teresa O'Driscoll HartingJune 7, 2011 at 10:14 PM

    Hey didn't happen to be U2, did it? I think I saw you from a distance, but thought it inappropriate to push people to the ground, shout your name and chase you down...great to hear things are going more smoothly after such a shitty bump in the road. Hope to see you again soon...and actually talk to you! :-)


  3. T-Bone,
    You should have! It's funny all the unexpected people you run into at large venues like that. We'll meet up at Book Club soon and catch up! xo

  4. Spaz, I'm signing your alter ego (rich old guy) for a whiskey tasting at The Rainier Club. Do you own a kilt? You can go with my Dad.
    XO, Riff