Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Done and done!

Yeehaw! Quick status check:

After last week's "liver pain", I took a few Aleve, and I very quickly returned to 100%. So, Monday morning, I completed the last of my 5 CyberKnife treatments. In case you are wondering, it makes no difference that I waited a few days to complete that last session. It's just as effective. They said it was best that I let my liver "cool down", anyway, just from a comfort perspective. (From now on, whenever you think about my liver, please imagine the song "Hot Stuff" playing along in the background as its soundtrack.)

This technology is so new, I'm only something like the 1200th patient to receive it in Seattle. And for those of you who watch primetime television, you know that Seattle is not exactly some podunk, one-horse outpost of the medical world.

Anyway, for all practical purposes, we can now consider the only known cancer in my body to be dead and blasted to hell, effective immediately.

And with that, I leave for Kauai (sans kids) this afternoon, feeling on top of the world in every way.

I would close this post with "Aloha", but it feels too forced. Kind of like saying "Auf wiedersehen" to close out a blog post about Wagner. Does that make sense? I don't care if it doesn't, because I am now officially "on island time"! (Neil and I actually saw a pale woman at our swanky Maui resort last year wearing a long kelly green teeshirt coverup that read, in large white letters, "I'M ON ISLAND TIME." NO!!!)


  1. Have a great time, Wonder Woman@ Too bad you have to leave your "Island Time" t-shirt at home for fear of someone else wearing it on the same beach.
    Just buy a "Hawaii is for Lovers" one when you're there, m'kay?

    Love you!!!

  2. Huzzah to you and your hot liver!

    Have an awesome trip. We're headed there (sans kid) for our 10th anniversary in May and will have to get some inside dope from you guys.

    No hurry though, I know you're on island time.