Monday, December 13, 2010

Shelly Rockwell

Last year's holiday season came and went in a morphine haze. It's as if it never happened at all. I was skeletally thin, I could barely move following that asskicker (pardon le francais, mais, dans cette case, c'est necessaire) surgery, and prospects felt utterly grim.


'Cause I'm back. With a vengeance. I've got energy to spare. My scar is but a faded, winding thread down my abdomen. I'm nice and doughy and none of my old clothes even fit anymore, AND I DON'T CARE!

I have:
-Constructed and decorated a gingerbread house
-Rolled, cut, frosted and decorated at least 6 dozen Christmas cookies
-Hand-painted a dozen ornaments
-Lit and decorated a big tree, hung 4 stockings with care, wrapped garland on my stairs and plunked holiday paraphernalia on every available surface I could find
-Played Christmas music on my car radio nonstop since late November
-Taught my kids at least 6 carols
-Addressed 200 Christmas cards (want one? send me your address!)
-Watched "Frosty the Snowman" at least 5 times
-Taken the kids' photos with Santa. Twice.

...and it's only December 13th. Don't even try to stop me. Because THIS is what happens to you when what happened to me...uh, happens.

Love, Shelly,
formerly a professional writer.


  1. Shelly
    I work with your brother and I have to tell you I've read every word of your every blog entry in the last week or so. My husband had a colonoscopy last week and it showed a mass at the cecum. We know he has to have surgery to have that section cut out - and tomorrow at 9 AM we find out the results of the biopsies. I'm starting to be filled with dread, despite the fact I thought I was in the frame of mind that "it's cancer, and we can deal with it, and we'll get through this." But this afternoon I can't stop this rising sense of worry and near-panic. Here's hoping these feelings stop soon!

    I thank you for your wonderfully written observances and details of your progression with cancer. I hope you continue to have good results of your tests.

    I'll be in touch!

  2. shel! ah, you've always been a fan of the christmas tidings, and it sounds like that part of you is out with special FLAIR this year! very glad to hear it, and as a recipient of your awesome christmas card, it only leaves me wondering when i will be receiving the christmas cookies :). HEE. your reflection helps us all DIG IN (as they say) to the glory of the season--thank you, again, for sharing your wisdom (bilingually, this time!) with us.

  3. Oh my gosh you really are Super Woman.